Monday, March 29, 2010

An important question from an inquiring mind...

Hi Micah,

> What a fascinating person you are!
> I have a question: In your interview, you said that your daughter knows what her body needs and gravitates toward that.
> But what about the all those obese kids who "gravitate" toward donuts and soda? Their bodies can't need that. Would you suggest that if they were given an array of healthy foods AND junk, that they would go for the healthy stuff?
> Please explain.

Aloha Pam! My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I appreciate your message and intellegent inquiry. It is a valid question, and here's my answer. My daughter has been raised on natural foods, fresh foods, that is her foundation of knowledge intellectually to go off of, but more importantly her diet being so clean has created a clean intuition- a connectedness if you will between mind and body already at even 2 1/2 years old. She's never even tasted these nasty chemically addictive foods so there's no contamination to her internal guidance system so to speak. These obese kids, or just unhealthy kids in general they gravitate towards this junk because it was initially introduced to them in the first place- even if it was a commercial on TV...these trojan horse trash foods are designed to captivate and allure children with their pretty colors And chemical excitotoxins which literally stimulate their taste buds like crack leaving them wanting more and more. The kids never had a chance. Even though our kids are barraged with thE diabolical programming and commercialism of junk food, we can only look to the parents for allowing them to even be made aware that this junk food exists or that it is even could be considered a food and not what it truly is...junk. My daughter isn't going to want that sugar stick or McDonalds hamburger because she has been educated that McDonalds gets 16 hamburgers per pound of meat. One pound! Do you know how little meat that is. So what else is on that dead brown patty? She will have no desire to even taste it because she sees what it truly is. I recently watched this new show with a popular young chef trying to change the food in the school systems if West Virginia which has been labeled the healthiest region in America, and it was disturbing to watch him take fresh veggies into the classrooms of these first graders and they didn't know what they were. they didn't know what a tomatoe looked like! Oh but they knew what ketchup was...they didn't know what a potatoe looked like, but they knew what a french fry was...and even when this chef started making fresh food lunches for the kids...they still chose the crap food...bottom line...they shouldn't even know that crap exists because growing little bodies craving nutrients should not be eating empty processed food, period...thank you again for your question and keep'em coming if you got'em!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raw pate' for any day...

I have always loved the concept of a pate and was really excited to bring pate to life...this particular pate is a mushroom walnut sundried tomatoe. It is quick, very easy to make, and is great as a spread or with some crackers. To make a raw pate, simply combine in a food processor:

1 cup - walnuts (soaked)
1 cup - mushrooms of choice
1/8 cup - sundried tomatoes
1 Tbls. - raw Nama shoyu
1/4 cup - red onion (minced)
1 1/2 Tbls. - Extra virg. Olive oil
1 Tbls. - Herb of choice
1 Tbls. - fresh lemon juice or
apple cider vinegar
Fresh pepper to taste...

Blend until it reaches a smooth but thick pate consistency, remove, serve!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My kind of breakfast...alive!

Raw Apple Pie, the ultimate breakfast...full of nutrients, enzymes, and minerals...this recipe and many more in my new cook book, "The Sacred Geometry of Living Nutrition". We will be posting recipes periodically on our blog, and YouTube channel so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We all started RAW...

We all start out on a Raw diet-I'm sorry let me correct that statement...if your parents nurtured you the way nature intended it, fed off your mother's milk, then you began this life on a Raw food diet...even when giving your little one extra breast milk stock through a bottle(for daddy's feeding time), as long as when you heat it under 115 degrees, it still maintains it's live enzymes and nutrients. They also have discovered that breast milk, like many raw foods, has anti-cancer properties in it. You eat life, and you add to the life of your eat dead foods (i.e. baby formulas), and it hinders the life and growth of the cells (body) don't have to have any nutritional training or knowledge to understand just makes sense.

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Sacred Forest...

This is the Sacred Forest down the street from my house. It was created by the Hindu monks that own a large amount of acreage of ancient land where it is said the the ancient civilization of Lemuria once existed. They have built the largest Hindu temple over where the lemurian temple once was, as well as a gigantic organic farm/ orchard.

This sacred forest is full of Rudraksha trees which produce the Rudraksha beads that are held sacred in Hinduism like a rosary and are used for japa (repetitive prayer). The berries / beads is also used for treatment on various disease in Aryuvedic medicine. There is a shrine of ganesha in the forest always adorned with flowers and gifts from visitors...this sacred forest represents the sacred forest that exists on each of is full of healing, peace, and can be used for prayer or meditation...or it can just be walked through from time to time. It has a shrine that can be honored an adorned, or can be will you experience your sacred forest?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cacao Carob Fudge Brownie w/ Raspberry sauce...

There isn't a faster way to your lover's heart than a raw fudge brownie with raspberry sauce...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aloha, and welcome to Mandala's living blog!

This is the first of many organic communications, as we bring you the latest news, information, recipes, and cutting edge raw food technology...until our next transmission...