Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raw Pie Crust and more oh so easy...

This is an easy delicious and easy recipe for raw pie crust that is also very healthy! Your pie is really only a few simple steps away. All you have to do is press your pie crust in an oiled pie pan or plate, mixed the fesh fruit of your choice with some raw agave, and serve! Now the foundational powerhouse components that make this such a great energy food are the raw almonds and dates. They give the body great nutritional boost which is why I like to also take this pie crust recipe, add cacao powder to it to, and roll out little choco-energy balls to much n through the day! Now take it to another level and roll our little flat circles with your dough, place a piece of fresh fruit in the center, and roll it into raw bon bon-these are my favorite...
Here is your ingredients on the road to raw pie crust bliss:


1 1/2 cup - raw almonds (unsoaked)
1 1/2 cup - mejadool dates (pitted)
1/2 cup - raw coconut (shredded)
1/4 cup - raw agave
1 teaspoon - sea salt
2 tablespoons - raw coconut oil
1/2 cup - raw cacao powder (optional)


3 cups - fruit of choice
1 cup - raw agave
2 tablespoons - raw coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon - sea salt

Combine the pie crust ingredients in a food processor, and blend until a smooth dough like consistency is achieved. Transfer the dough to an oiled pie pan or plate and evenly press out your pie crust. (The pie crust will harden upon refrigerating) For this reason, I prefer to transfer it to the freezer for 2o minutes to get the crust to harden before I add the filling. Ten minutes in to the crust hardening in the freezer, begin making your filling by combining 1 of the 3 cups of fresh fruit in a blender or food processor with the cup of agave, coconut oil, and sea salt. Next, transfer the fruit sauce into a mixing bowl, add the other 2 cups of fruit,and mix evenly. (You may want to modify these measurements depending on the fruit you use and the size of your pie crust.) Now pull out your pie crust, pour in the filling, and taadaa! Raw fruit pie! You can also make another pie crust and roll out a flat top that you press seal around the sides to beef up the heartiness of the dessert. Raw desserts are awesome because they hold a substantial amount of nutrition and therefore can be eaten as a meal...I always tell people that's my favorite breakfast, Pie! Just another thing I love about raw food, you can have a slice of pie for breakfast guilt free! Look for more recipes like this in my new book, "The Sacred Geometry of Living Nutrition", and enjoy whatever it is you eat! Sat Nam!

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