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What is the Raw Soup diet? It is a diet I developed unexpectedly while a colleague of mine was out visiting the island of Kauai where I live for a couple months. He is the healthiest Raw food vegan that I have met to date and being a raw food chef that carries a lot of weight. He would make a raw soup for breakfast every morning and would always serve me one. It was warm and creamy and full of flavor…and green. I started having this soup every morning and I immediately noticed I had energy, wasn't really hungry for lunch-would usually snack, and would sometimes even have decadent dinner. Within a month I had lost 10 pounds. I didn't even think about it until someone asked what I was doing to lose weight. When my colleague left I formed my own recipe and kept the practice going and my body is keeping the weight off. I now have 10 patients on the Raw Soup diet and they have all seen weight loss, but most importantly are felling the best that they have in years. Food is the ultimate medicine and when you start eating more medicinally you will truly be amazed how you feel. I give all my patients that are ready what I call the 'one week challenge', where they commit to eating more medicinally for one week straight to experience how different they feel. I haven't had one patient go back to their old pattern of eating yet. Challenge yourself to do something different, it just might change your life.


⁃ You're going to have to say good bye to the classic bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Or at least keep it to one day a week to treat yourself.

⁃ No more dairy. Especially cow dairy. That fat goes straight to the hips.

⁃ NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, and that's not as easy as you think. It's in everything.

⁃ Limit your sweets, especially at night.

⁃ Watch less TV and be more active.


⁃ It takes 15 minutes to make, gives you instant energy, and has almost no fat in it.

⁃ Raw food, especially blended, the nutrients goes right into the blood stream giving you instant energy.

⁃ The are also no saturated fats, only raw fats which the body burns off and doesn't store.

⁃ The ultimate cold buster just add double the turmeric and ginger.


4 Cups - water
2 Tbls - white or chick pea miso
1-2 cloves - garlic
1 1/2 cups - sprouted and half cooked bean of your choice (mung bean, garbanzo, kidney, atzuki)
1-2 chunks - fresh ginger or 1 Tsp ginger powder (double for cold buster)
1-2 chunks - fresh turmeric or 1 Tsp turmeric powder (double for cold buster)
3 - swiss chard leaves or Kale (stems removed)
1 stalk - celery
1/2 bunch - parsley
1 Tbl - fresh basil or cilantro
1 - 3 inch strip -Kombu seaweed


Sprouting anything is easy. Just soak your mug beans, let's say, for 6-8 hours. Rinse them and then place them in a tupperware int he fridge. Every morning you just scoop out a cup and a half and place it in a small pot of water on medium heat for 8-10 minutes. This starts to break the proteins down for easier digestion. While they are heating, place all the ingredients in your blender. When the beans are done, drain them and put them in the blender. Finally blend all the ingredients until it reaches a smooth creamy consistency and serve. This recipe makes up to three servings depending on the size and I usually place a portion in a tupperware in the fridge for later in the day or even the next morning. I will make myself extra for the next day if I know I have an early morning so it's ready to go, but remember it's always going to be the most nutritionally powerful fresh.

You can also add another level of nutritional content by making a batch of brown rice to add to your soup.


These are some simple suggestions of lunch snacks to transition with from the momentum of energy from your raw soup breakfast into a hearty dinner.

⁃ Rice crackers w/ almond butter
⁃ Celery stick w/ hummus
⁃ Non-dairy based smoothie
⁃ Fruit, granola, and non-dairy yogurt bowl
⁃ Salad and flax crackers
⁃ Chips, guacamole, and salsa


Here's just a few basic ideas of well rounded food combinations for dinner. An earlier dinner is also a more digested dinner. I recommend setting the intention to eat dinner before it gets dark. Studies have shown that your metabolism slows as night falls.

⁃ Fish, brown rice, and veggies
⁃ Chicken, sweet potatoes, and spinach
⁃ Filet mignon, potatoes, vegetable of your choice
⁃ chicken ceaser
⁃ chinese stir fry
⁃ Mexican (no fried foods)
⁃ soups and salads

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